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Here we are…

October 10, 2010
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Finally decided to jump on the blogging bandwagon again after failed attempts to keep previous ones running (msn space, blogspot, xanga, QQ zone) for various reasons which I will explain in later posts.

So here, I guess it’s fifth time lucky. For as long as I remember, I have always kept a diary before moving onto internet blogging back when the internet required a dial-up connection and cost one pence per minute.

I distinctly remember my first official ‘web log’ was on msn space back in my youth days when everyone and anyone was using msn messenger. It made sense to use their blogging platform to record my thoughts and experiences in the world around me. It allowed my friends and family to keep up to date with what I was doing while I was at university or teaching and travelling abroad. With the advent of Facebook, and subsequent upgrade of msn messenger (which meant that one-click access was no longer available), the frequency of posts just went downhill. I think my last post was more than a year ago.

So what will make this blog different?

As an avid reader of several blogs, I have noticed one common theme that makes them successful blogs- and it’s the underlying passion and enthusiasm for their subject that keeps me going back again and again to read new posts.

So here, this blog will share some of my musings from the PR world. Hope will you enjoy.

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