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How to reach out to mummy bloggers

February 11, 2011

I had a great meeting with the wonderful Sally Whittle today who blogs at Who’s the mummy? and Blogger.ed and she imparted some great pearls of wisdom when it comes to connecting with parenting bloggers…

Be social

Mummy bloggers love to be social! They love experiences, especially when it involves other mummy bloggers.

If you’re thinking of setting them a challenge, don’t just set them a task to do in the home to do themselves, think about bringing them together so they can do the task together as part of a team or against each other.

Be considerate

Sally has put together a do’s and don’ts for blogger outreach campaigns. While mummy bloggers are keen to get out of the house for events, PRs should consider the location, time and place and whether it is convenient for them to get there.

Always be sure to budget in transport and accommodation costs so bloggers are not left out of pocket for attending your event.

What about daddy bloggers?

We shared similar views when discussing the phenomenal growth in parenting blogs. While the buzzword seems to be “mummy bloggers”. What about the dad’s who blog? Daddy blogs only make up just 4% of the top 750 blogs listed on the tots100 index.

Though not as big as mums who blog, daddy bloggers is an area yet to be looked into by PRs. More importantly, through a WOW-campaign that truly taps into this niche within the parenting blogging community.

My take on this is that the “Mars vs Venus” argument still stands. Do men and women “share” in the same way? I might just be stereotyping, but somehow I don’t think we’ll be expecting a netdads or dadsnet anytime soon…

View from within

While we are aware of various mummy blogger PR efforts, Kingsmill’s #secretgoodness Twitter chat and eBay’s £100 Christmas challenge for example, for me it’s always interesting to find out what the parenting blogger community actually thought of various campaigns.

One particular campaign came to mind during our discussion- Save The Children’sBlogladesh campaign, a campaign that generated a lot of buzz and awareness online through Twitter and parenting blogs.

Sure from a PR point of view, it achieved all the desired impact (and metrics) but was there consideration on the potential psychological or emotional impact of sending mothers off to witness the number of child deaths and appropriate de-briefing and attention after the trip?

[Edit] This raises an interesting issue for brands or charities looking to follow suit. Attention should be paid to welfare as well as PR.

This discussion led me to think that mummy blogger outreach programme should never be a buzzword we chuck into presentations and proposals. We should really be more considerate when thinking about connecting with parenting bloggers.

Here I would like to thank Sally again for a great chat!

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