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Happy Birthday Twitter

March 22, 2011

On Tuesday 21st March 2006, the founder of Twitter tweeted:

Five short words or as Twitter likes to calculate it- 24 simple characters later and the rest was history.

Famous first words for Jack Dorsey, albeit automated, followed by “Inviting co-workers” marked the start of something truly phenomenal. Little did Jack know that half a decade later, Twitter would become the very fabric of today’s society.

This might seem a bit of an overstatement for those yet to join and understand the beauty of microblogging, but there is no denying that Twitter has made a huge impact on the way we consume media, marking the shift of power from the media to the public.

Twitter has given rise to the citizen journalist and has become the de facto breaking news platform for the media to break it themselves or to keep track of developing events from around the world. Think #Egypt, #Libya and #Japan.

For many people,

Twitter has changed the world and the way we interact and learn about it. The wall blog sums up nicely in its ‘Twitter at five’ post and is well worth a read.

And for those who still haven’t signed up, I’ll let Snoop Dogg do the talking

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