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Best 2012 April Fools’ stories from around the web

April 1, 2012

Companies and brands have been on form again, despite April Fools’ Day falling on a Sunday this year with non-slip bananas, Marmite smoothies, Morse-code emails, Champagne tax and the end of the world…

Here’s a round-up of some of the best April Fools’ pranks spotted today:



You’ll either love it or hate it – innocent’s limited edition mangoes & marmite smoothie might just hit all the right spots.

Walkers launch DIY crisps – just peel, cook and season (via @AndrewBloch)

Sainsbury’s introduces the world’s first ‘non-slip’ banana

We’re thrilled to be the first supermarket to introduce a non-slip banana. We strongly believe in giving customers what they want and for years they have been telling us they want to enjoy a delicious banana without having the danger of slipping on the skin at the back of their mind!” (via @AndrewBloch)


The end of the world as told by the BBC (via @themanwhofell)

Champagne Tax – The Government is planning to mitigate the damages caused by adding VAT to pasties by introducing a new ‘green tax’ on chilled champagne. It wouldn’t surprise me if people thought this was a genuine story (via anorak).


A fine bro-mance brewing between Britain’s Got Talent judges Simon Cowell and David Walliams according to the Mirror on Sunday (via The Poke).




‘A Branson for your thoughts’ – Virgin mogul launches a new currency, the ‘Branson’ available in denominations of 10, 20 and 50, which will be accepted as legal tender at Virgin Holiday destinations.

My face on your notes


TomTom experts found that using Darth Vader’s voice on SatNavs make children’s happiness soar by 68% and stop babies crying in the backseat for a safe and stress-free journey.



Enjoy the complete YouTube experience offline with the YouTube collection available on DVD. Better start clearing the garage for extra storage space.


Lynx Spray app


Hungry Hipppos iPad app


… and finally Google should really deserve a whole post for winning the April Fools’ crown today with Google Maps 8-bit for NES, Gmail Tap, Fiber bar, Chrome Multi-task and Google Nigeria gags. Nice one.




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