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7 key takeouts from #GrowWithTwitter seminar

October 18, 2013

Twitter hashtag

I was at a Twitter seminar a couple of months ago, which I’ve been meaning to write up about but never quite got round to it.

When it comes to digital events, Twitter sure knows how to put them on. Not only was the event held at the beautiful London Film Museum, it was also the swishest digital do I’ve been to in a while. Walking into the venue at 9 in the morning, it felt more like a buzzing nightclub with the party already in full swing than a digital seminar. I had to double check I was in the right place.

Throughout the morning, there was a great line-up of speakers, case studies and stat-o-plenty for attendees to tweet as an insight. Here are some of the more interesting things I found from the session:

  • Twitter is the shortest distance between you (your @handle) and your interests (the # you use)
  • 54% of people follow brands for exclusive content
  • Over 90% of discussions about TV shows take place on Twitter
  • 79% of people use a second screen when watching TV
  • Adding a hashtag to TV adverts help to organise any conversation and acts as a call to action
  • Every TV ad has a presence on Twitter regardless of whether you include a hashtag or not
  • Every tweet creates a ‘moment’ – it’s about understanding those moments that are important to your audience

Of course it wasn’t all about pithy insights from the event, I was also able to bag myself a few Twitter goodies. How else would people know I’m “digital” without a Twitter tote bag to show for it?

Twitter swag, bag, mug

Finally, they also showed us this great video showing 2012’s magic moments on Twitter.


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