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Star-studded Oscar selfie is the most re-tweeted Tweet ever

March 3, 2014

A star-studded filled selfie featuring Jared Leto, Ellen, Jennifer Lawrence, Meryl Streep, Kevin Spacey, Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, Julia Roberts, Bradley Cooper, and Lupita Nyong’o just to name a few, became the most re-tweeted Tweet in the history of Twitter.

Since last night, the tweet has garnered over 2.9million tweets and counting and favourited more than 1.5million times.

As well as selfies, celebrities also seemed to have en masse discovered photobombing with more famous pranksters spotted in the background this year at the Academy Awards than in previous years.

Aerial photobomber, Benedict Cumberbatch snatched this year’s Oscar meme, inspiring the likes of Buzzfeed to feature the Doctor Who star photobombing things and other ‘Cumberbombing’ antics.

Benedict Cumberbatch photobomb

Source: Mike Blake/ Reuters

Photobombing opportunities were plentiful at the Oscars…

Jared Leto & Anne Hathaway Oscar photobombSource: E! Online

Jared Leto at it again…

Jared Leto photobombs Kevin SpaceySource: MTV

Other Oscar highlights, as revealed by the Twitter blog, showed that the most mentioned nominees of the evening were:

  1. Jennifer Lawrence
  2. Brad Pitt
  3. Alfonso Cuarón
  4. Cate Blanchett
  5. Sandra Bullock

In addition to the “best photo ever”, peaks were seen in other Oscar moments which included:

  • @TheEllenShow gathers nominees & stars for Twitter photo (10:07 p.m. ET): 254,644 TPM (Tweets per Minute)
  • @TheEllenShow delivers pizza to the audience (10:24 p.m. ET): 158,159 TPM
  • Gravity wins its 6th Oscar — for film editing (10:31 p.m. ET): 135,330 TPM

What was your favourite Oscar moment? Leave your comment in the box below.

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