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What makes a good story?

March 4, 2014


Source: Google

Google’s latest ad which celebrates storytelling, made it’s debut during the 86th Academy Awards.

The one-minute clip featured young filmmakers learning the craft movie making and the art of telling a good story, accompanied by powerful audio extracts from Andrew Stanton’s (director of Finding Nemo and Wall-E) TED talk on storytelling in 2012.

“We all love stories, we’re born for them. They can’t be artificially evoked. They aren’t an actual exact science. That’s what’s so special about stories. They’re not predictable. It’s capturing a truth from your experience. It could cross the barriers of time, real and imagined. Expressing values you personally feel deep down in your core.”

Like previous Google ads, the latest spot is sentimental, beautiful and inspiring.

Catch the complete TED talk by Andrew Stanton below:

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