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Emerging Global Web Trends

May 27, 2014

An interesting presentation on how consumer trends, behaviours and mobile connectivity have shaped e-commerce and social media offering in non-English speaking countries. In China for example, apps like WeChat is much more than just a messaging service, the platform also offers Facebook-like status updates, photo blogging, mobile contact exchange, payment platform and virtual wallet. Earlier this year, WeChat had a viral hit during Chinese New Year with its Xinnian Hongbao “Red Envelopes” seasonal promotion.


wechat hongbao


The gifting feature inside WeChat gives users two options to send money to friends. The first allowing users to transfer lucky red envelopes directly to a specific person. The second, and offering a more fun, option enables you to send money to a group of friends and let them “snap up” the cash randomly between them. For example, if I send a RMB 100 ‘red envelope’ to a group of five friends, they might each get 15, 40, 10, 30, and 5 yuan. If there are more than five people in the group, only the first five get money.

Likewise e-commerce sites like the popular taobao offer consumers “a mix of amazon retailing, ebay services, PayPal payment with a dash of Google search”. In 2012, transactions reached RMB 1 trillion ($160bn). To put that in perspective, in the same year total sales on were $61bn.

If you’re looking for how cultural differences impacts internet and consumption, there are useful comparisons to be drawn.


The Emerging Global Web from yiibu (H/T WebCurios)
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