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A brief history of Times New Roman

June 10, 2014

For typography fans, The Times Newspaper commissioned this short film based on its renowned typeface Times New Roman, as part of the paper’s new ‘Unquiet Film Series‘.

Times New Roman font typography Unquiet Film

The third instalment, in the collection of short films, celebrates one of the most recognisable typefaces of our time, albeit a “default, boring, robust, honest, classic, proud” font as described by those who star in the film.

A fascinating and splendid look at this famous typeface, which takes in both its historical and cultural relevance as well as current incarnations for the newspaper.

The video is part of nine short films, with four videos already released looking at:

  • The Power of Words featuring leading Times’ columnists and writers
  • Question Everything – a review of the paper’s investigative journalism
  • Times New Roman – a new font is born
  • Photojournalism – an exploration of The Sunday Times’ history of commissioning photojournalism

Catch the series here:

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