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The best 2014 World Cup adverts

June 29, 2014

We are well into the knock out stages of the riveting 2014 World Cup. Not only have the games delivered, statistically, the most successful World Cup ever in terms of goal-scoring with 136 goals, the 48 action-packed matches at group stage was also one of the most talked about international sporting event on social media. According to Twitter, 300 million tweets have been sent to date compared with 150 million during the whole of the 2012 Olympics. It seems to be that everyone and anyone is sports pundit nowadays.

Nike the last game

Source: Nike

Of course with any major sporting event, how can we forget the epic efforts brands go to cash in on World Cup fever? The concept of branded entertainment is reaching new heights with brands adopting the traits of narrative constructs to convey powerful stories, as seen in the Beats and Nike short films – both non-sponsors of the World Cup. These days, the short 30 second branded/ product “advert” just won’t cut it to get the attention and kudos from today’s audience.

Here’s a personal selection of five of the best World Cup 2014 commercials:

Beats By Dre – The Game Before the Game

Nike – The Last Game

Nike Football – Winner Stays

McDonald’s – GOL!

Adidas – House match

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