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Marketing to Generation Z

August 14, 2014

Interest around the Generation Z demographic sparked once again over the past week following Ofcom’s annual ‘Communications Market Report’. The research found that children and teenagers were the most digitally savvy age bracket in the UK — with children as young as six able to navigate their way around digital technology as quickly as the average 45 year old.


Source: McCrindle Research

Described as the “first tribe of true digital native”, Generation Z covers those born around 1995 to present and has grown up with easy access to the internet, social media and emoji speak. Not only are Gen Z-ers the most tech literate generation, this cohort is also deemed the “holy grail of brands” according to Marketing Magazine, as they now make up a group around 2bn strong worldwide (23% of the population in the UK).

Members of Generation Z have some interesting characteristics which provide food for thought for brands looking to market to the consumers of tomorrow.

Common traits include:

  • A sense of entrepreneurial spirit – Generation Z watched their older siblings struggle to find work and so they are focused on boosting their CVs by doing work experience or holiday jobs. Generation Z don’t plan to follow the same path as those who stuck to societal rules only to be drowned with debt in bleak jobs market. In fact, seven in ten Gen Z-ers want to start their own business and say they would rather save money than spend it
  • They don’t just want to make money; they also want to make the world a better place. The generation that has grown up since 9/11 and through a recession spends a lot of time worrying: about world peace, global warming and the likelihood of parents losing their jobs
  • Most of Gen Z are younger than Google and they are more tech-literate than adults in their mid forties. They don’t use texts and message one another using emoji. And as a result, Gen Z-ers have shorter attention spans (around eight seconds).
  • Gen Z-ers are less narcissistic than the selfie-obsessed millenials (between the ages of 20 and 36) and 69 per cent would rather be cleverer than others than better looking.
  • Due to Generation Z’s upbringing under the pessimism of Gen X parents, members of this cohort are resilient. Generation Z don’t need to feel special and have a sense of realism fed to them from a young age.

Just as Generation Z face a ‘Grave New World‘ as they grow up, brands and marketers, likewise, are entering a brave new world to build brand equity and trust with this group of true digital natives.


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