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Trolltunga – A tale of hard grit and perserverance

July 25, 2015

On Monday 20th July, we decided to tick this little gem off our bucket list and set off for the trek of a lifetime to Trolltunga in Norway. It was an early start but fuelled up on breakfast from the hotel, we set off to Skjeggedal where the trail begins… 

About to start off in the morning. This is Geoff, our fellow tour group mate from Yorkshire – a very kind man


Not realising what we were about to go through – fresh-faced and ready to go


Our tour guide, Daniel who abandoned us after two and a half hours into the trek saying that I was walking too slowly and told us to turn back as it would be too dangerous. His exact words were: “This trek is not for everyone. You’re still young. Come back another time”


Not put off by our tour guide’s words, we decided to press on.

The way there…




Finally getting to the top after 6.5 hrs for this photo opp



It was 4pm when we decided to head back before it got dark. That’s another 11km back to the start…


This stretch of snow paths lasted for endless miles. We were starting to regret our decision. Luckily our bars of snickers kept us going.


After trekking through mud sludge and a further 2km descent through a forest we finally made it back down. I arrived at 11.45pm and we’ve never been so glad to be back on flat ground.


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